Historyand business in Spain

  • The story of Ezentis starts in 1959. Initially dedicated to the operation of power installations, the evolution and growth of the company led it to offer new services, like maintenance and operation of telecommunications network infrastructures.
  • With the acquisition in 2018 of the company EFF, a subsidiary of Ericsson Spain, Spain becomes the company's first market.
  • In September 2019, Ezentis acquired the Liteyca branch of activity that integrates contracts with Telefónica in six Spanish provinces.
  • In March 2020, Ezentis enters the security engineering market with the purchase of Enesys, dedicated to the installation of alarm systems. The business was expanded with the purchase of Pentágono Sistemas Electrónicos de Alta Seguridad.
  • Ezentis also entered the Energy business in Spain through the acquisition of Parera RPM, dedicated to the deployment, operation and maintenance of electrical distribution networks.
  • Spain currently contributes more than 175 million euros of revenue (out of a total of 400 million euros), and maintains more than 26,000 telecommunications towers. In 2019, we deployed fiber optic network to cover more than 200,000 real estate units and have laid almost 2,000 km. of fiber optic.

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Deployment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructures. Europe in numbers

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At Ezentis we work to ensure that compliance with Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental protection standards are a guarantee in the development of our activity.


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