About Ezentis

About Ezentis

Ezentis is a global business services group with 58 years of operations. In recent years, it has consolidated its position in Latin America and Spain as a leading strategic partner for operations and maintenance of infrastructures for large international energy and telecommunications groups. The Group trades its shares on the Madrid and Bilbao stock exchanges, with annual sales exceeding 400 million euros.

Ezentis in the world

Presence on two continents.



Ingeniería Celular Panamericana, S.A. de C.V.

C/ Arbolitos s/n Nave 12 Andén 10

Colonia Texcacoa, C.P. 54605 TEPOTZOTLAN – ESTADO DE MÉXICO – MÉXICO Tel + 5255 5876 1613


Comunicaciones y Sonido México, S.A. de C.V.

C/ Lago Tana Nº 43 Bodega 9

Colonia Huichapan, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo C.P. 11290 CIUDAD DE MÉXICO – MÉXICO Tel. + 5255 5082 8342


Ingeniería Celular Andina, S.A.

Av. Néstor Gambetta, 576 – Callao – Lima

Tel. +511 209 8200


Grupo Comunicaciones y Sonido, S.L. y GTS Thaumat XXI, S.A.

Polígono Industrial Itzaga Parcela E-1

48960 GALDAKAO (Vizcaya) -SPAIN – Tel.: +34 94 67136 86 – FAX.: +34 94 671 3681

Polígono Industrial Itzaga Parcela E-1

48960 GALDAKAO (Vizcaya) -SPAIN Tel.: +34 94 431 8311 – FAX.: +34 94 431 8451



Ezentis Chile S.A.

Av. Pedro de Valdivia 6349, Comuna de Macul, Santiago, Chile



Networks Test España

Calle Santa Leonor 65, Edificio B.

28037 Madrid, España. – Tel: 91 554 10 00. Fax: 91 554 13 00.



Ezentis Colombia SAS

Cra 67 No 100-20 Oficina 501 PBX 3564599 BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA

TEL: + 57 135 645 99

Brasil Telecom


Seicom – Serviços, Engenharia e Instalação e de Comunicações, S.A.

Rua São João, 282, 1º andar, Centro, CEP 18147-000, cidade de Araçariguama, Estado de São Paulo

Tel: 55 (21) 2656-0060 / (21) 2656-0512
Cel: 55 (21) 99639-3229


Avanzit Tecnología SpA

Calle Miraflores 222, piso 28, comuna de Santiago, Región Metropolitana Chile



Ezentis Perú, S.A.C.

Av. Argentina nº 3090 – Callao – Lima

Tel. (+511)-453-3434



Ezentis Argentina, S.A.

Habana, 370-1603 – Villa Martelli – Buenos Aires

Tel. (+54) 11 5230 1010/1011




Grupo Ezentis, S.A

(Sede Social Grupo Ezentis)

Avenida Hytasa número 12, planta segunda, puerta 20, Edificio Hytasa.

41006 Sevilla – Tel. +34 954 673 230


Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission

Our mission is to become the leading network services provider for communications and energy companies in the markets in which we operate, creating value in a sustainable way for our clients, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we are present.

Our vision

Our vision is to grow profitably providing innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions, helping to improve the quality of life of people and the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our Values :

In order to achieve our goals, we are firmly committed to ethical principles, the safety of people and the quality of our services. The values that define us and set the course of all our business activity are the following:

Confidence in the Ezentis human team

We consider our human capital to be a key factor in the Group’s growth, and we invest in training, safety and wellbeing in our pursuit of excellence.


Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, clients, subcontractors and the communities in which we perform our work, and we disseminate this principle throughout the organisation.

Transparency, Ethical Principles and Good Corporate Governance

Our daily work is governed by the utmost respect for our Ethics and Conduct Code, built on the maximum transparency of information and best practices in corporate governance.

Social Commitment and Respect for the Environment

We firmly believe in the social function of our activity. We make it possible for people to have access to basic telecommunications and electricity services. We create the conditions required to develop business and economic activity while maintaining the utmost respect for the environment.

Client proximity and accountability

At Ezentis we closely support our clients and gain their trust, earned through professional competence, accountability and past successes.