Press Room

Press Room
01/08/2017 Ezentis acquires several companies in the telecommunications sector and starts operating in Mexico
22/06/2017 Ezentis will modernize the WiFi network of 13 airports in Spain
12/05/2017 Ezentis increases its revenues in 49% to 96.3 million euros
10/04/2017 Ezentis expands its offer in Argentina with a new contract of 117,7 million euros
06/04/2017 Ezentis wins contract in Colombia valued at 17.5 million euros
13/03/2017 Ezentis wins new contracts in Argentina and Brazil valued at 24 million euros
28/02/2017 Luis Solana concludes his term as chairman of Ezentis
28/02/2017 Ezentis achieves profit and consolidates its growth