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Ezentis Energy Services

Electricity, water, oil, gas, mining.

We at Ezentis are experts in the operation, maintenance and construction of power distribution networks and electricity substations, and we offer industrial services in all corners of the energy sector. We are your logistics partner in the field of energy.

We are your logistics partner in the field of energy.

Ezentis Energy Services


Operation, maintenance and construction of power distribution networks and management of substations and electricity grids.

  • Technical consultancy and specialist engineering.
  • Installation and maintenance of transport and distribution lines, substations and transformer platforms.
  • Installation of substations and transformer platforms.
  • Smart Grid.
  • Energised services on high-voltage lines.
  • Civil and Electromechanical Engineering Works.
  • Commercial electricity management projects in the areas of reading, apportionment, outages and reconnection, standardisation of domestic meters and power theft.
  • Construction and preventive and corrective maintenance for public lighting networks.
  • Industrial and shopping centre installations: power and lighting.
  • Smart network.
  • Installation of charging points for electric vehicles.


  • Sanitary water systems.
  • Water networks.
  • Sewerage networks.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Corporate GIS projects.


  • Basic and design engineering.
  • Construction and maintenance of tanks.
  • Compressor plants.
  • Process Studies.
  • Installations of piping and facilities.
  • Vessel, flow, piping and pump calculations.
  • Oil pipelines – Gasoducts – Polyducts.
  • Heat and exchanger calculations.
  • Structure calculation.
  • Maintenance of transformers and power feeders.
  • Battery conditioning.
  • Corporate GIS projects.


  • Design of gas transmission and distribution networks.
  • Project management, engineering and construction of networks.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance with corrosion protection and refurbishment.
  • Domestic installations.
  • Installation and replacement of meters and connections.
  • Meter reading.
  • Integrity control and systematic leak tracking.
  • Corporate GIS projects.


  • Construction, installation and maintenance projects for telecoms systems, both fixed and wireless.
  • Electricity installation, either industrial or administrative, transformer stations and platforms, signalling and alarms.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Construction, installation and maintenance projects for installations.
  • Pumping and water treatment station works.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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