Industrial services


  • Assessment, design, engineering in Fiber Optic networks, multi-pair cables and structured wiring.
  • Installation and maintenance of ADSL services – STB – DTH – HFC – WIMAX.
  • Construction and assemblage of cellular radio base stations for the mobile telephone network.
  • Installation, assembly, coordination and implementation of Fiber Optic networks, FTTX, projects for companies, radio systems for cellular networks, microwave networks.
  • Civil works for conduits and cameras for Fiber Optic and multi-pair cables.
  • Refurbishment. Recovery of CPE equipments.
  • Telecommunication projects for enterprises.
  • Management of multi-service networks.
  • Development of OSS for telecom operators.
  • GIS system for plant.


  • Technical consulting and specialized engineering.
  • Assembly and maintenance of transmission and distribution lines.
  • Installation of substations and platforms for transformations.
  • Smart Grid.
  • Energized services on high-voltage power lines.
  • Civil and Electromechanical Works.
  • Commercial projects of Power management in the areas of reading, sharing, cuts and reconnections, standardisation of domiciliary electrical meters, power theft, etc.
  • Preventive and corrective building and maintenance of public lighting networks.
  • Industrial facilities and shopping centers: power and lighting.
  • GIS system for plant.


  • Health Hydraulics systems.
  • Environmental sanitation.
  • Water networks.
  • Sewage systems.
  • GIS system for plant.


  • Basic Engineering and Design.
  • Construction and Maintenance of Tanks.
  • Compression plants.
  • Reports of Processes.
  • Assembly of pipes and facilities.
  • Calculation of recipients, flow, piping and pumps.
  • Oil Pipelines – Gas Pipelines – Polyducts.
  • Thermal calculations, heat exchangers, other.
  • Calculation of structures.
  • Maintenance of Electrical Transformers and Feeders.
  • Retrofit of Batteries.
  • GIS system for plant.


  • Design of networks for gas transmission and distribution.
  • Projects management, engineering, and building of networks.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance together with protection from corrosion and rehabilitation.
  • Domiciliary facilities.
  • Installing and replacing meters and supply connections.
  • Meter reading.
  • Integrity control and systematic monitoring of leaks.
  • GIS system for plant.


  • Projects of construction, installation, auxiliary and maintenance of telecommunications systems both fixed and wireless.
  • Projects of construction, installation and maintenance of electrical, industrial and administrative facilities, including stations and platforms of transformation,signage, alarms, …
  • Illumination systems
  • Projects of construction, installation, maintenance of facilities. Works of pumping stations and Water Treatment
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)