• Planning, design, engineering and implementation of multiservice complex networks.
  • Maintenance, safety and networks management.
  • Real time Geo-Location. Management of geo-referenced data of persons, and both fixed and mobile assets. Advanced Logistics.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Consultancy services and projects managing.
  • Network design and development of systems.
  • Outsourcing.

Solutions I+D+i


GIS Solutions


Geographic Information Systems are used both to produce cartographic documents, external plant control telephony communications network or to determine routes for people with disabilities. Our GIS systems are ahead of the needs of customers, commitment to quality, professionalism and trust, measures that made us leaders in our field.

Mosaic geospatial is a solution property of Ezentis-Technology developed by GIS Solutions Unit. The platform offers a simple, scalable and powerful solution to provide GIS services (Route Calculation, Geocoding, GeoMarketing, Simulations, Incident Management, etc …) to the end users who do not need all the capabilities of a GIS, but simply need specific services.


Innovative Solutions

The solution covers all layers of a GIS system: from the processing and production of cartographic data, its deployment onto GIS servers, to the development, exploitation and maintenance of geo-services:

  • SOLUTIONS FOR TELCOS: non-intrusive solution for the mobility of its service networks
  • SOLUTIONS FOR UTILITIES:Query, Visualization, Reporting and Analysis of service networks
    • Energy: graphic and alphanumeric information on facilities and elements of distribution networks .
    • Managing Workforce on Field
    • Sales Force Management
    • preventive maintenance of electrical and railway infrastructures
  • GEOPORTALS and IDE’s: access to data mapping
  • SECURITY AND DEFENSE: Control and Command Systems


Mosaic platform is:

  • Independent from server and client
  • Totally open, flexible, adaptable to the needs of our customers
  • Low-cost integration and maintenance
  • Provides global solutions: connecting to Web services of the company or it even offers location systems, GIS and integrated E-Adm

Learn more about our solutions in www.mosaic.ezentis.com

Navento Solutions


Navento solution streamlines integration processes of mobility and location data with all levels of business information, in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Navento location service allows to locate devices in real-time from internet or your own mobile phone. It incorporates on web different devices aimed at the location of cars, people, and objects, together with solutions to use the tablet as a mobile phone or as a pager. It is a powerful visualization and management tool which combines several functions into a simple and intuitive interface.

Navento covers a wide range of solutions comprised in three contents:

  • Safety
    • Anti-Theft Services for Vehicles.
    • Positioning services for people with disability.
  • Fleet Management
    • Positioning
    • Reading Can-Bus data
    • Sensorization
  • Management of Field Personnel :
    • Sales Force Control
    • Management and control of school transport
    • Automatic assignment of tasks.

If you wish to see up close our solutions, you may click on www.navento.com