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29-12-2020Ezentis enters the energy market in Spain
27-11-2020Enrique Sánchez de León appointed non-executive chairman of Ezentis
13-11-2020Ezentis boosts business growth in the third quarter and increases revenues and EBITDA
03-11-2020Ezentis renews and extends contract with TIM in Brazil for 38 million euros
15-10-2020Ezentis renews contract with Red.es for broadband access in public schools in Spain
30-09-2020Ezentis creates for Telefónica de España a platform to automate network engineering processes
09-09-2020Ezentis renews building telecommunications maintenance contract with Telefónica Brasil for more than 24 months
24-08-2020Ezentis will install and maintain security systems for Iberdrola
10-08-2020Ezentis strengthens its management team
04-08-2020Ezentis expands its alarm installation and maintenance business with the acquisition of Pentágono
31-07-2020Ezentis posts losses due to COVID19 effect and investment in transformation plan
23-07-2020Ezentis wins 7 million euro contract with Chile’s electricity coordinator
29-06-2020GVC analysts recommend to buy Ezentis
26-06-2020Ezentis incorporates Paloma Jiménez as independent director
19-06-2020Ezentis renews fibre optic operation and maintenance contract with Vivo in Brazil
15-06-2020Ezentis extends contract with MásMóvil to install and maintain customers in Madrid
11-06-2020Ezentis launches an application that certifies employee compliance with COVID-19 protocols
09-06-2020Ezentis wins contract with Euskaltel in nine Spanish provinces
04-06-2020Ezentis shareholders overwhelmingly back management and accounts for 2019
02-06-2020Ezentis will install security equipment for Movistar Prosegur Alarmas in 13 Spanish provinces
27-05-2020Ezentis sets new sustainable targets until 2022
25-05-2020Analyst consensus recommends buying Ezentis following quarterly results
20-05-2020Ezentis strengthens its liquidity with a loan of 18 million euros
20-05-2020Ezentis recorded a moderate impact from Covid-19 with revenues down 8% in the first quarter
15-05-2020Ahorro Corporación Financiera recommends buying Ezentis and gives it a target price of 0.52 euros per share
12-05-2020Berenberg analysts maintain their buy recommendation on Ezentis shares
02-04-2020Ezentis reduces directors’ and executives’ remuneration
26-03-2020Ezentis collaborates in network deployment in medicalised hotels in Madrid
11-03-2020Ezentis enters the security services installation business in Spain
02-03-2020Ezentis extends targets to double revenues by 2023
28-02-2020Ezentis earns 4 million in 2019 and halves financial expenses
13-02-2020Ezentis maintains more than 26,000 telecommunications towers in Spain and Portugal
10-02-2020Ezentis boosts its digital transformation through telematic management of its vehicle fleet
06-02-2020Ezentis reorganises its Brazilian business into a single company to improve efficiency
03-02-2020Ezentis awarded contract to renovate the radio communications system at Bilbao airport
30-01-2020Ezentis strengthens its presence in Brazil with a new organisation
27-01-2020Ezentis incorporates sustainability in its syndicated financing
23-01-2020Ezentis strengthens its cybersecurity area to avoid system risks
20-01-2020Ezentis develops a project to install charging points for electric vehicles
15-01-2020Ezentis renews its fleet in Spain and Brazil, incorporating sustainable vehicles
10-01-2020Ezentis boosts its commitment to the energy market with several renewable energy contracts
13-12-2019Ezentis wins three-year contract with Telefónica Spain
04-12-2019Ezentis exceeds 960 million euros in backlog, more than double 2018 revenues
27-11-2019Ezentis strengthens relations with shareholders and investors
07-11-2019Ezentis boosts revenue growth and achieves three million euro profit to September
25-10-2019Ezentis drives the digital transformation of all its processes
18-10-2019Ezentis, one of the five listed companies that comply 100% with the CNMV’s Good Governance Code
17-10-2019Ezentis renews and extends contract with Vivo in Brazil for telecommunications services
11-10-2019Ezentis prepares to enter the electricity sector in Spain
07-10-2019Ezentis opts for alternative fuel for its fleet in Spain
04-10-2019Ezentis joins the United Nations Global Compact
30-09-2019Ezentis completes integration of the business acquired from Liteyca
27-09-2019Ezentis anticipates 5G with training for specialised technicians
24-09-2019Ezentis participates in Telefónica’s copper power plant dismantling project in Spain
09-09-2019Ezentis renews contract with Telefónica in Peru until 2023
05-08-2019Ezentis expands its activities in Spain
31-07-2019Ezentis consolidates profits in the first half of the year
04-06-2019Ezentis becomes leading contractor for telecommunications operator Claro in Chile
31-05-2019Ezentis shareholders overwhelmingly back management and the 2018 accounts
31-05-2019Ezentis renews contract with Neoenergia in Brazil for a further 12 months
30-05-2019Ezentis signs agreement with Ericsson to maintain telecommunications networks
08-05-2019Ezentis reaches agreement with Fiat and LeasePlan to renew its car fleet in Spain
30-04-2019Ezentis boosts revenues 30% and posts first-quarter profit
15-04-2019Ezentis wins fibre optic operation and maintenance contract with Telefónica in Brazil
11-04-2019Ezentis wins contract with Chilquinta in Chile
08-04-2019Ezentis renews contract with Enosa in Peru for two years
01-03-2019Ezentis records losses in 2018 due to non-recurring refinancing costs and Argentina
25-02-2019Ezentis wins contract with Enaire to connect several airports with fibre optic cables
12-02-2019Ezentis undertakes a digital transformation of all its processes in conjunction with Oracle
18-01-2019Ezentis appoints Aon to manage its fleet insurance policies worldwide
31-12-2018Ezentis signs contract with telecommunications operator Nos and enters Portuguese market
28-12-2018Ezentis to deploy Ericsson technology equipment in Spain during 2019
15-11-2018Ezentis increases revenues by 8.6% and improves results by 60% to September
14-11-2018Ezentis cancels Highbridge debt following financing agreement
07-11-2018Ezentis appoints Fernando Gonzalez as CEO
06-11-2018Ezentis signs financing agreement and reduces financial costs
15-10-2018Ezentis wins 23 million euro contract with Saesa Group in Chile
11-10-2018Ezentis wins 7 million euro contract with Chile’s Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional
02-10-2018Ezentis maintains more than 75,000 mobile towers after signing new contract with Telxius
28-09-2018Ezentis positions Spain as its main market after signing two contracts with Telefonica
03-09-2018Ezentis wins an 8.5 million euro contract with telecommunications operator Claro in Brazil
28-06-2018Ezentis receives AECA award for Corporate Transparency
26-06-2018Ezentis to install and maintain WIFI in hospitals and nursing homes in the Madrid region, 50% co-financed with ERDF funds
07-06-2018Ezentis wins renewal of contract with Brazilian electricity company Light for 30 million euros
28-05-2018Ezentis wins mobile network maintenance contract with SBA in Brazil
24-05-2018Ezentis and Ericsson sign agreement to provide telecommunications services in Brazil
22-05-2018Ezentis renews Telefónica’s network maintenance contract in Mexico
08-05-2018Ezentis presents its ‘Cero Accidentes’ platform to six major insurance companies
23-03-2018Ezentis wins new 10 million euro energy contract in Brazil
01-03-2018Ezentis posted 26% growth in sales in 2017, but closed with losses on non-recurring items
11-01-2018Ezentis wins a new 9 million euro contract in Colombia
08-01-2018Inauguration of the Gaona power substation, developed by Ezentis Argentina

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