EU Privacy policy

The personal data you may facilitate to us during your contractual, professional or commercial relationship with the companies of Grupo Ezentis shall be processed by the same for the purpose of maintaining those relations, as well as for the remittance of communication which may be of interest to you. You may freely object to the reception of such communications, without this impinging upon our contractual, professional or commercial relationships in any way. As part of this relationship management, it is possible that your data will be transferred to banking entities or the tax authorities. This data processing is necessary for the execution of the contract and/or the maintenance of the contractual, professional or commercial relationship. You are likewise informed that your data shall be retained while those relationships remain in place and for the periods set out in tax law, or for the periods established for meeting possible claims.

If you facilitated your curriculum to us by means of the job offers published at, or which you sent to the postal or electronic addresses of Grupo Ezentis, or in response to a job offer published on professional social networks, such as LinkedIn or Infojobs, you are hereby informed that your data will be processed by Ezentis Tecnología, S.L.U, in its own name and on behalf of all the other companies of Grupo Ezentis in Spain (particularly Grupo Ezentis, S.A., Excellence Field Factory, S.L.U., Ezentis Tecnología, S.L.U., Navento Technologies, S.L.U., Networks Test, S.L.U., Enesys Ingeniería y Seguridad, S.L., Grupo Comunicaciones y Sonido, S.L.U., GTS Thaumat XXI, S.A.U., and Calatel Andalucía, S.L.U.), for the purpose of managing the selection processes for the vacant posts which arise, where applicable, at the company to which you present your candidacy. This data processing is necessary to handle your job application and is based in law upon the consent you furnish to us when sending us your CV. Once the personnel selection process has concluded, the CVs of candidates not selected will be eliminated from our systems.

If you are a shareholder of Ezentis and facilitated your data to us using the web form, you are informed that your personal data will be processed by Grupo Ezentis for the purpose of responding to the queries posed. Your data will not be transferred to third parties except where the law requires otherwise, and they will not be used for any purpose beyond that for which they were collected. This processing of your data is based upon your consent given when facilitating your data using the contact form, and the data are indispensable for responding to the query posed. The data will only be retained for the time necessary to handle your query and any possible claims presented by users.

The personal data facilitated on the newsletter form shall be processed by Grupo Ezentis, S.A. with strict and rigorous confidentiality, and for the sole purpose of sending you our newsletter and the latest information about Grupo Ezentis. It is required that you should complete all of the fields requested on the form, as otherwise, we will not be able to fulfil your request to register for our newsletter. Your data will not be transferred to third parties. The legal grounds for the processing of your personal data is the consent you give on subscribing to our newsletter. The data provided will be processed in any case pursuant to the European and national regulations in force, from your inscription until the moment when you unsubscribe or revoke your consent

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, object, portability and restriction of processing by writing to: Data Protection Department, Grupo Ezentis, S.A., at the address c/ Santa Leonor 65, Parque Empresarial Avalon, Edificio B, 4th floor, 28037, Madrid, or to, enclosing due accreditation of your identity. You have the right in any case to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

Colombia's Privacy policy

For EZENTIS COLOMBIA S.A.S., personal data is information that requires care and responsibility. Therefore, and in compliance with the provisions of the law, the Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy is established, through which the company defines its responsibility and commitment in the handling of information of all stakeholders with whom it acts in the exercise of its corporate purpose.
Therefore, EZENTIS COLOMBIA S.A.S. guarantees and protects the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of natural and legal persons, especially the honor, intimacy and personal and family privacy of the former. The proper handling of information in the exercise of the company's corporate purpose, in turn applies and regulates the processing of personal data.
In order to make this responsibility and guarantee effective, employees, contractors, customers and other stakeholders shall be governed by the following parameters that will lead to effective compliance with the protection of personal data:

  • Principle of legality: The relevant rules on the subject of personal data set out in Law 1581 of 2012 shall be applied.
  • Principle of purpose: The activity of the processing of personal data carried out by EZENTIS COLOMBIA S.A.S. either as responsible or in charge, will obey a legitimate purpose, which must be informed to the respective owner of the personal data.
  • Principle of freedom: The processing of personal data may only be carried out with the prior, express and informed consent of the owner of the information. Personal data may not be obtained or disclosed without prior authorisation, or in the absence of a legal or judicial mandate that relieves consent.
  • Principle of truthfulness or quality: The personal data provided by the owners is presumed to be truthful and the processing of partial, incomplete, fractioned or misleading data is prohibited.
  • Principle of transparency: In the processing of personal data, the right of the Data Subject to obtain from EZENTIS COLOMBIA S.A.S., at any time and without restrictions, information about the existence of their data and the purpose is guaranteed.
  • Principle of restricted access and circulation: EZENTIS COLOMBIA S.A.S. guarantees that personal, particular and/or sensitive data will only be available to the owners of the information and authorized third parties through the channels intended for this purpose.
  • Principle of security: In order to provide a better service, and to execute the purposes described in this privacy policy, personal data may be transmitted to servers hosted in foreign countries, under security conditions that will ensure compliance with the provisions of the law and its regulatory decrees.
  • Principle of confidentiality: All persons involved in the internal processing of personal data are obliged to guarantee the confidentiality of the information, even after the end of their relationship with any of the tasks involved in the processing.