Work with us

Why Ezentis?

Based on our company philosophy, we offer you the opportunity to develop your career in an innovative group, diversified and ever expanding

In Ezentis, all our employees share a high degree of commitment with projects and a clear focus on our customers, innovation in processes and services, and applying the latest technologies to achieve best results.

What we can offer?

  • Integrate into a leader in knowledge management
  • Working in projects alone
  • An intellectual and stimulating environment
  • A company steeped in change, improve this by looking at  the future

Human Capital

Human Resources In our main concern is that people are satisfied and motivated with the roles they are playing, the key and the engine that drives the operation of our organization are PEOPLE

The most important are you

In Ezentis we rely on four strategic pillars that support our pursuit of professional excellence towards our employees and our customers:

Enthusiastic for your performance
Every day we work to get your hopes up for what you do and feel proud of belonging.

Innovation and Initiative
We show concern and curiosity to find new business opportunities.

We increase the participation and contribution of all employees, valuing all ideas and fostering open communicaton.

Passion for the customer
Providing the best solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Principles and Values

  • Competency-based Selection.
  • Principle of Equal Opportunity and nondiscrimination.
  • Confidentiality of information.
  • Professional ethics.

Selection process

If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV at: